The Launch of Insight: The First Social and Emotional Learning Program for K-12 Catholic School Educators

The Institute for the Transformation of Catholic Education is proud to announce the launch of Insight, the first Social and Emotional Learning professional development program for K-12 Catholic school educators. After a summer of preparations filled with script writing, filming, and editing, ITCE is excited to share this incredible resource online via ITCE’s website.

Through ten online professional development videos, Insight offers a fresh look at Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) through the distinct lens of the Catholic Christian vision of the human person. It brings together theological and philosophical concepts and the psychological sciences for a unique formation program. In addition to the video series, ITCE has produced a companion Discussion Booklet and collaborated with the Catholic non-profit organization, Behold, to create a “Visio Divina” Prayer Companion. These resources aim to equip Catholic school educators with new skills in understanding and identifying their students’ mental and spiritual health needs. The first installment of the Insight series includes the Introduction Video and Lessons One through Four, which will be released on Monday, August 8. The second installment—Lessons Five through Ten—will be available later in August.

Upon reviewing Insight, Mary Rice Hasson, J.D. shares, “The Institute has developed a fantastic professional development resource for Catholic school teachers. The Social and Emotional Learning series is a beautiful blend of Catholic wisdom and psychological insight, brought to life in the context of the classroom and the mission of Catholic education. Superintendents, principals, and school leaders should put this series first on the list of recommended professional development resources… Drawing from the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition, decades of pastoral experience, and insights from the social sciences, the Institute’s work is both new and necessary. It’s exactly what the Church needs right now to advance the mission and promise of Catholic education both today and for decades to come.”

Enthusiastic about the release of the Institute’s first professional development resource, ITCE Director, Sister Mary Agnes Greiffendorf, reflects, “It was a joy to work with Aquinas College in Nashville to create this one-of-a-kind program. We pray that Insight will offer Catholic school educators, counselors, parents, and catechists a deepened understanding of the nature and dignity of each person. Each of our students are created, loved, and redeemed by God, and called to happiness with Him in this life and in the next. May this program give our teachers and students deeper insight into their incredible dignity and vocation.”