Teacher Formation

To teach in a Catholic school requires special personal qualities and special preparation. It is a true vocation that plays a vital role in the evangelizing mission of the Church and provides an invaluable service to families and to society.
The teacher formation programs and services we offer are directed toward providing aspiring or present educators with a comprehensive and integrated formation that will enable them to pass on to their students an appreciation of their cultural heritage and the wisdom of past ages, tools for advancing their own learning, and a Catholic worldview that perceives the light of the Gospel in all branches of learning. Above all, teachers will be formed as missionary disciples who can apprentice their students in the Christian life.

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We partner with schools and dioceses to create customized formation programs for Catholic school teachers. 

"Beautiful indeed and of great importance is the vocation of all those who aid parents in fulfilling their duties and who, as representatives of the human community, undertake the task of education in schools. This vocation demands special qualities of mind and heart, very careful preparation, and continuing readiness to renew and to adapt."
Second Vatican Council
Gravissimum Educationis, 5