Introducing Encompass: A Lumen Accreditation Observation Guide

Encompass logo

ITCE is proud to announce the release of Encompass: A Lumen Accreditation Observation Guide. Encompass will be used by accreditation visiting teams during accreditation visits and available as a resource for member dioceses and schools for use in continuous improvement efforts.  

Encompass was created so that Catholic schools would have an observation guide that accurately reflects the unique missions of Catholic schools while enhancing the quality of education and providing a systematic, standardized, and comprehensive framework for observation.

The guide recognizes teaching practices, student engagement, school culture, and the full integration of Catholic teachings and values throughout the school community. It asks evaluators to consider the extent to which a guiding statement is “fully lived” to “not present” by using our proprietary “Lived Presence Scale.” It considers the school holistically, and includes observable elements both inside and outside of the classroom in the spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and operational dimensions.

In preparation for its full-fledged use across all Lumen membership schools, Encompass has been piloted in a number of schools across the country by ITCE staff, the core team members who helped create the guide, and a number of additional principals. The pilot process included pre-and post-trial meetings with those who utilized the guide to provide data to ensure the guide’s value, gather feedback, and strengthen the process. 

We are grateful to the following core team of Catholic education leaders for their wisdom, expertise, and time in helping us create, refine, and pilot Encompass: Dr. Jill Annable, President/CEO, West Catholic High School (MI); Dr. Julie Dallavis, Associate Director, Program Evaluation and Research, Institute for Educational Initiatives, University of Notre Dame; Kari Ford, Associate Superintendent, Diocese of Evansville; Dr. Gina Mathews, Associate Superintendent of Academics and Instruction, Archdiocese of Boston; Dr. Greg Monroe, Superintendent, Diocese of Charlotte; and Dr. Jem Sullivan, Associate Professor of Practice and Catechetics, The Catholic University of America.

ITCE looks forward to continuing to serve Catholic schools as they grow in their mission and towards continuous improvement through Lumen Accreditation. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how ITCE and how Lumen Accreditation can serve your diocese or school.