ITCE Travels to the USCCB Plenary Assembly

Bishop Barron, Diocese of Winona-Rochester in Minnesota, speaks with Dr. Hagan, ITCE, at the CUA’s cocktail reception for the bishops at the USCCB’s 2023 Fall Plenary Assembly. Photo courtesy of Rui Barros.

Each year, all of the U.S. Catholic bishops travel to Baltimore, MD to convene the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Fall Plenary Assembly. The Assembly is a time for the bishops to gather and discuss important issues facing the Church. 

This year, The Catholic University of America’s Advancement team hosted a reception for the Bishops, and Dr. Daryl Hagan, Interim Director of ITCE and Director of Accreditation, was able to attend. The reception, which occurred November 16, 2023, was bolstered by CUA President Kilpatrick’s remarks earlier in the week, and was a congenial time of fellowship and conversation. 

“It was an honor to speak individually with the bishops to listen to their needs and to share the good news of ITCE and Lumen Accreditation,” Dr. Hagan shared. 

As a member of the Bishop’s university, ITCE was pleased to attend CUA’s reception for the bishops, and looks forward to continuing to engage with and serve dioceses in the United States.