Daryl and Andrew IN state buildings (1)
Dr. Hagan and Dr. Kremer

The Institute for the Transformation of Catholic Education (ITCE) at The Catholic University of America announces new leadership roles within the Institute. Dr. Daryl Hagan will serve as the Director of ITCE while Dr. Andrew Kremer will serve as Director of the Program of Accreditation.

The two men bring a wealth of experience to their new roles, as they both have served as teachers, school administrators, diocesan Catholic school office leaders, and since June 2022 have been faithfully serving ITCE to promote the distinctive excellence of K-12 Catholic school education.

Dr. Thomas Smith, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at The Catholic University of America shares, “I am delighted that Dr. Hagan will become the Director of ITCE. His amazing record of accomplishments in this position are already helping to transform K-12 Catholic schools across the country. I am consistently impressed with his dedication to the Church and our schools and students. He is a national leader dedicated to helping our schools be more faithful to their mission and successful in their operations. This position expresses our confidence in his leadership. I look forward to continuing to work with him on this vital initiative for our Church.”

Dr. Hagan notes, ”It is fitting on this one year anniversary of Lumen Accreditation to share that Dr. Kremer will lead the program of Catholic accreditation to serve our nation’s Catholic schools. His passion and commitment to continuous improvement is an asset to Lumen as well as to ITCE. I, along with other Catholic educators, appreciated ITCE’s first white paper on the culture of accreditation authored by Dr. Kremer.  The partnership with Dr. Kremer and his vision for Lumen will pay dividends for years to come and our Catholic schools will be the beneficiary of his good work.”

Dr. Hagan and Dr. Kremer assumed their new roles effective February 1, 2024.