Lumen Accreditation Recognized in Indiana

Dr. Daryl Hagan and Dr. Andrew Kremer pose in front of the Indiana State Capitol after attending the State Board of Education meeting where Lumen Accreditation was recognized by the state.

We are proud to announce that Lumen Accreditation was formally recognized as a third-party accrediting organization by the Indiana State Board of Education on May 10, 2023. This approval recognizes the merit of the program and allows dioceses or Catholic schools to choose accreditation through The Catholic University of America. In this way, schools would be aligning their goals for improvement with the Church’s vision for Catholic school mission and identity.  

As Dr. Daryl Hagan, Interim Director of ITCE and Director of Accreditation, shared with Indiana Catholic school leadership on the day of the approval, “Today was a momentous day for Lumen Accreditation and The Catholic University of America…We look forward to serving Catholic schools within [Indiana] that choose to partner with us to advance and promote the distinctive excellence of K-12 Catholic school education.”

In order to receive official recognition in Indiana, ITCE staff had to complete and submit an application which detailed the processes and procedures used in Lumen Accreditation. The application was then reviewed by the Indiana Department of Education and submitted with a recommendation for approval to the State Board of Education. We were pleased to note that it was the first of several consent items on the Board’s list, which were passed unanimously.

Approval for third-party accreditors varies across states, as do accreditation requirements for non-public schools; indeed, many states do not formally regulate non-public accreditation, such as Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, and others. Indiana is the first state among those who recognize third-party accreditors to approve Lumen Accreditation.

In keeping with our desire to make Lumen Accreditation as accessible as possible to dioceses and schools who choose to partner with us, we continue to seek approval and state recognition in states that regulate third party accreditors, and have begun several additional application processes.

“We look forward to offering Lumen Accreditation in more states around the country to accompany Catholic school communities as they strive for continuous growth in fulfilling their mission,” said Dr. Andrew Kremer, Associate Director for the Program of Accreditation.

As a service to Catholic schools throughout the nation, we are excited about the opportunity presented to us by the State of Indiana to walk with Indiana’s Catholic schools as they endeavor to enter even more deeply into their Catholicity and to bring Christ to the world.