Recognized in North Carolina!

Flag map of North Carolina. Accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

Lumen Accreditation has been formally recognized on the North Carolina Department of Administration’s website as a “Private Education Organization” in North Carolina. While North Carolina does not regulate accreditation for private K-12 schools at the state level, we are excited to be included as a resource for Catholic K-12 schools, many of which choose to be accredited regardless of the state’s regulations. See the listing here!

Like North Carolina, many states do not formally recognize or regulate K-12 accreditors. Lumen Accreditation is available to all Catholic dioceses and schools in those states. As a service to all K-12 Catholic schools, Lumen Accreditation continues to seek formal recognition and approval in states where it is required or is key to retaining state funding. 

Please reach out to us if you are curious about our status in your state or would like to learn more about Lumen Accreditation, offered through The Catholic University of America.

You can also visit the Lumen Accreditation page to learn more about how your school or diocese may be served by Lumen. If you would like to apply to Lumen Accreditation, please fill out our application.