Success in Louisiana!

Dr. Daryl Hagan and Dr. Andrew Kremer pose with Louisiana Catholic school superintendents and representatives from the LA Department of Accreditation following the official announcement.

The Catholic University of America, through Lumen Accreditation, is now an approved accreditor in Louisiana by the state’s Department of Education and through the Catholic dioceses. Catholic schools in Louisiana now have the opportunity to choose Lumen Accreditation, which advances and promotes the distinctive excellence of K-12 Catholic school education. This good news closely follows that of our approved accreditor status in Indiana. 

While there are several states that require an accreditor to be formally approved by the state Board of Education, many states, such as Alabama, Colorado, and Delaware, do not regulate private school accreditors. Lumen Accreditation continues to be a viable option for Catholic schools in those states and is working towards gaining formal recognition in the other states that maintain requirements for private school accreditors. 

“We are excited to offer Lumen Accreditation as an option to all Catholic schools in Louisiana, and we look forward to beginning to serve Louisiana’s Catholic schools in the near future,” shared Dr. Daryl Hagan, Interim Director of ITCE and Director of Accreditation.

Lumen Accreditation’s approval in Louisiana would not have been possible without the assistance of Sr. Carol Shively, OSU, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Shreveport, and Denise Bourgeois, Executive Director of LA Nonpublic Programs, Office of School Choice. We thank them both for their work to make Lumen accessible to Catholic schools in Louisiana. 

Lumen Accreditation, offered through The Catholic University of America, is a service to all K-12 Catholic schools in the nation. We look forward to walking with Catholic schools not just in Louisiana, but all over the country, as they strive to grow in their mission and in their service to Christ.