Catholic School Accreditation

Accreditation is an important quality assurance process in which a school or system voluntarily seeks an external body to help it measure its effectiveness in fulfilling its mission. In this process, an accrediting body and a school mutually agree on a framework and standards of excellence, and work together to support the school community in its striving for greater attainment of those standards.
Starting in the summer of 2022, ITCE will begin developing a Program of K-12 Catholic School Accreditation in order to make the gift of Catholic accreditation available to any school or diocese that desires it. Through this program, the ITCE at The Catholic University of America has the potential to renew and transform K-12 Catholic education nationally by promoting and providing standards of excellence founded on a Catholic philosophy of education and the Church’s rich educational tradition.
“[The Church] establishes her own schools because she considers them as a privileged means of promoting the formation of the whole man, since the school is a center in which a specific concept of the world, of man, and of history is developed and conveyed.”
Congregation for Catholic Education
The Catholic School, 8